Sugar Wax Hair Removal New York

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Sugar Wax Hair Removal New York
Looking for the best sugar wax hair removal in New York? Come to Hibba Beauty for professional sugaring that is far more gentle than waxing and is a tried and trusted ancient technique for hair removal.
Sugaring is often given the credit for being nature’s most perfect permanent hair removal method. Locals know that Hibba’s Salon is one of only a handful of places in NYC providing the authentic art of sugaring, using a gentle paste made from sugar, lemon and hot water. Since the solution is water soluble, any residue that is left behind is easily washed off with water. Clients love that sugaring is suitable for all over the body hair with the exception of the eyebrows.
For pregnant women and those with sensitive skin, sugar wax hair removal in New York’s salon is the perfect solution. What’s more, it only sticks to the hair and does not remove the first layer of skin, as waxing does. After only  a few sugaring sessions, sugaring will dramatically reduce hair-growth and may even keep it from coming back. Hibba Beauty offers free patch tests of sugaring in their salon so you can see the results you will receive and make the best decision based on your own results.
There is a wealth of benefits that come with sugaring. If you’ve never had a sugaring session, consider the following advantages over waxing:
- 100% natural ingredients on your skin. This is perhaps the greatest benefit of all. If you’re picky about what you put on your skin, waxing is probably not for you as it contains chemicals. The natural solutions then is sugaring, which contains only sugar, lemon and water.
- If you’ve ever been burned by hot wax in a salon that was not careful enough with their clients, you may have developed an understandable mental block when it comes to waxing. Sugaring then, is a great alternative since the ingredients are only warmed to body temperature or in some cases one or two degrees higher. 
- Clients love the easy clean up after a sugaring session since the sugary solution immediately dissolves on the application of water. 
- Sugar sticks to hair- not skin! You’ll most likely appreciate that sugaring will not pull on your skin nor will it remove any live cells during the process of removing your hair. Sugar wax hair removal is the top choice in New York for long-term hair removal.
- While waxing can break a high percentage of hairs as they are being removed (on average, 30%), sugaring comes with little breakage due to the nature of how it is applied. With less breakage you’l enjoy smoother skin for longer periods of time.
You’re going to love Hibba Beauty’s sugar wax hair removal in their New York salon. It’s not only highly effective for removing hair, it’s also one of the most affordable means of hair removal on the market today. While comparable in cost to waxing, you’ll get longer-lasting results with sugaring, so your investment will go further.
Stop by Hibba Beauty Salon in New York at one of their three locations including their Columbus Circle salon on Broadway, Hibba Soho on W. Broadway and Hibba Madison located on Madison in NYC or call 212-260-4321 to schedule an appointment.
Sugar Wax Hair Removal New York
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